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[[Category:Officer Jenny's Pokémon]]
[[Category:Officer Jenny's Pokémon]]
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[[Category:Water Pokémon]]
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[[Category:Fairy-type Pokémon]]

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Officer Jenny's Azumarill
Junsar's Marilli
Trainer: Officer Jenny
Debut: The Pirates of Decolore!
Episode captured: The Pirates of Decolore!
Caught where: Decolore Islands
Evolved: Prior to The Pirates of Decolore!

Officer Jenny's Azumarill is a Pokémon owned by Officer Jenny.


Azumarill was a powerful and eager member of Croconaw's pirate gang, who had no problems with stealing food from humans. It battled Snivy and Pignite alongside Croconaw but was defeated. However, it did assist in the rescue of the Darumaka before happily joining Officer Jenny.

Known moves

Move Episode
Officer Jenny Azumarill Bubble Beam
Bubble Beam The Pirates of Decolore!
Tail Whip The Pirates of Decolore!
Hydro Pump The Pirates of Decolore!
Water Gun The Pirates of Decolore!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


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