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My cousins are all police officers, all of us look identical, plus we're all named Jenny."

–Officer Jenny about her family

Officer Jenny (Japanese: ジュンサー Junsar) is a police officer who lives in every city. They can be told apart by Brock. She uses Growlithe and Arcanine as police dogs to search thieves.

Originally they had blue hair until Here's Looking At You Elekid  when the animation changed to digital effects changing their hair green.

Officer Jenny

Officer Jenny's hair color in early seasons in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh

The Japanese name, Junsar, means "police officer". The Jenny officers are often accompanied by Growlithe, to use as a police dog (although there are exceptions, like one had a Spinarak or where another has a Meganium, Parasect and Tangela or one that has the Squirtle Squad, etc.). There are some other minor differences between each of them, but not many as the Joys. The only differences are the symbols in their caps and uniforms (which are different depending on your region). Unova Region Jennies have the back of their hair and their bangs cut.


Madame X

One Officer Jenny from the Kalos region fell under the control of a rogue Malamar and assumed the identity of Madame X on its behalf. This Officer Jenny had no clue what she was doing, but discovered that Malamar was using her to begin reviving the Ultimate Weapon.



Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny Growlithe
Growlithe is her most used Pokémon along with Arcanine.
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny Herdier
The Jenny's of Unova use Herdier since Growlithe don't live there.
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny Manectric
In Kalos, Jenny use Manectric to solve crimes, It is unknown if it evolved from Electrike.
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny Gumshoos
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Pokémon Information
IL012 Im019
One Officer Jenny leads the Squirtle squad even when Ash's Squirtle reunited with its other four buddies.
Squirtle Squad
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny's Gastly
The Jenny of Mandarin Island North used a Gastly to thwart the plan of Team Rocket 2 in Pikachu Re-Volts.
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny Spinarak
One of the Officer Jennys in the Johto region used a Spinarak. It is tradition that Officers use Spinarak as one of the past Officers used it to catch a legendary thief.
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny's Wobbuffet
This Wobbuffet was seen with Officer Jenny in Wobbu-Palooza!. It even wears a police cap like its trainer.
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny Jumpluff
One of the officers used it in An EGG-sighting Adventure!. She uses it to scatter spores around any area, in a way, to dust for fingerprints.
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny Pidgeot
One of the officers used it in Hoenn Alone!.
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny Parasect
One officer used it in Gulpin it Down
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny Tangela
One officer used it in Gulpin it Down
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny Meganium
One of the officers/agents used in Gulpin it Down.
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny Arcanine
It is mostly used with Growlithe.
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny Stunky
The officer in Eterna City used it in A Secret Sphere of Influence!
Pokémon Information
One of the officers in Sinnoh (wild Jenny) uses it in Stealing the Conversation!.
Pokémon Information
Swanna anime
One Officer Jenny used a Swanna in The Lost World of Gothitelle!.
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny Duosion
Officer Jenny from Department for Psychic Crimes used a Duosion in Meowth's Scrafty Tactics!.
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny Ferrothorn
It was used to attempt to arrest Dragonite in Iris and the Rogue Dragonite!.
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny Croconaw
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Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny Azumarill
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Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny Octillery
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Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny Ducklett
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Pokémon Information
A Officer Jenny, in Like a Meowth to a Flame episode, mentioned she had a Blastoise.

Voice Actresses


  • The Jenny Family all appear identical as a parody to how character models were recycled and reused in the first Pokémon games. This also applies with Nurse Joy and Don George.
  • When Duplica impersonated Jenny, her hair looked more like the current color than the one back then.
  • Actually all Officer Jenny wear diffrent symbols in their hat's to determine which Jenny is which


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