Ochre Woods

Ochre Woods is a location that is only seen in the game Hey You, Pikachu!. This is large forest that appears to take place during the fall season. Ochre Woods may be located somewhere in the Kanto region due to it being near Viridian Forest.


Ochre Woods serves as the main setting for the "Pokémon Picnic!" activities. Bulbasaur lives in Ochre Woods and is always preparing dinner for his friends. However, the Bulbasaur always needs ingredients to make the food urging Pikachu and the player to go deeper into Ochre Woods to find them. After getting the correct ingredients, Bulbasaur calls everyone back to dinner.

Ochre Woods is a good location to pick up crops and sell them at the end. There are also secret caves that contains items such as nuts and bolts. Abra's Shop is also located in Ochre Woods but is only accessible during "Pikachu's Daring Days". In the cave farthest away, there is a Togepi egg that will hatch soon and Togepi will be seen during other activities.

Ochre Woods is also one of three settings for the "Gone Fishing" activity. Pokémon such as Seakings may be caught here and the interesting thing is that Magnemite dances back and forth.


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