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Oblivia is the region in which Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs takes place. It is a region filled with islands and different ruins for the player to discover. Unlike the other Pokémon Ranger regions, Fiore and Almia, it has only one Pokémon Ranger watching over the entire region.



Places of Interest

  • Dolce Island
  • Renbow Island
  • Mitonga Island
  • Faldera Island
  • Sophian Island
  • Layuda Island
  • Tilukule Island
  • Coral Sea
  • Canal Ruins
  • Easter Sea
  • Western Sea
  • Sky
  • Lapras Beach
  • Teakwood Forest
  • Curl Bay
  • Rand's Hause
  • Latolato Trail
  • Mt. Latolato
  • Wireless Tower
  • Hinder Cape
  • Mitonga Road
  • Noir Forest
  • Dangerous Cliff
  • Sophian Road
  • Mt. Sorbet
  • Rainbow Dais
  • Forest Temple
  • Fire Temple
  • Ice Temple
  • Thunder Temple
  • Dark Temple
  • Light Temple
  • Odd Temple
  • Rasp Cavern
  • Old Mansion
  • Daybreak Ruins
  • Submarine
  • Silver Falls
  • Oblivia Ruins
  • Sky Fortress
  • The Union


  • The names of the islands come from the seven solfège syllables of music notation, do, re, mi, fa, so, la, and ti.
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