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OVA001: Holiday Hi-Jynx

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Holiday Hi-Jynx is a special episode of the Indigo League season. Due to the Electric Soldier Porygon incident, it was delayed until it was aired as a special with Snow Way Out!, which was also delayed.


Ash and his friends run into a scared and lonely Jynx who has a boot belonging to Santa Claus, but can't find its way to the North Pole. Team Rocket is convinced that Jynx really is Santa Claus and Jessie wants revenge from something that happened in her childhood. Can Ash and friends beat the odds and return Jynx to its Master before Team Rocket gets a hold of it?


  • Because this episode was aired out of order, Ash's Charizard is still Charmander in this episode even though it evolved in into Charmeleon in IL043 and then into Charizard in IL046, Misty still has her Starmie and Horsea and Togepi is absent.


  • This episode was supposed to be aired as IL039, but because of IL038, it was aired at a later date.
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