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Nurse Joy's Latias

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Nurse Joy's Latias
Japanese Name
Nurse Joy Latias
Trainer: Nurse Joy
Gender: Female
Ability: Levitate
Debut: Nibi Gym - The Greatest Crisis Ever!

Nurse Joy's Latias was one of the few Legendary Pokémon to be caught in the anime.


It is unknown where or when Nurse Joy found and caught Latias. She was used by the Gym Inspector Nurse Joy to battle Forrest's Rhyperior. Rhyperior put up a good fight and might have beaten Latias if the Legendary Pokémon had not kept on restoring her energy with Recover. Eventually Latias managed to win the battle, countering Rhyperior's Rock Wrecker with Dragon Pulse, enduring its Megahorns and using Recover, dodging its deadly Horn Drills, and hitting it several times with Steel Wing and Ice Beam until Rhyperior finally succumbed to Latias' superior power. Despite winning the battle, Nurse Joy was impressed by Forrest's skill and made him the official Pewter City Gym Leader.

Known moves

Move Episode
Nurse Joy's Latias Dragon Pulse
Dragon Pulse Nibi Gym - The Greatest Crisis Ever!
Steel Wing Nibi Gym - The Greatest Crisis Ever!
Ice Beam Nibi Gym - The Greatest Crisis Ever!
Recover Nibi Gym - The Greatest Crisis Ever!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


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