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Info: Blissey works with Nurse Joy at the Pokemon Center.
{{Pokémon Character Box
|type = normal
|name = Nurse Joy's Blissey
|image = Nurse_Joy_Blissey.png
|trainer = Nurse Joy
|gender = Female
|debut = OI013: Ignorance is Blissey
|episodesuntilevolved = less than 1 as a Chansey
|evolvesin = Prior to OI013}}{{-}}
<gallery spacing="small" widths="150" captionalign="left">
Jessie_Blissey.png|Blissey with Jessie
Sinnoh_Nurse_Joy_Blissey.png|A Blissey at Lake Acuity Pokémon Center
[[Category:Nurse Joy's Pokémon]]

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Nurse Joy's Blissey
Japanese Name
Nurse Joy Blissey
Trainer: Nurse Joy
Gender: Female
Debut: OI013: Ignorance is Blissey
Evolved: less than 1 as a Chansey
Evolves In: Prior to OI013
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