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[[Category:"Can be Sold for a price" Items]]
[[Category:"Can be Sold for a price" Items]]
[[Category:Valuable Items]]

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( きんのたま Gold Orb )
Dream Nugget Sprite
Buy For: Poké Dollar 50,000*
Sell For: Poké Dollar 5,000
Type: Miscellaneous
Generation: I

A Nugget (Japanese:きんのたま Gold Orb)is an item in the Pokémon series that sells for Poké Dollar 5,000 at PokéMarts. Nuggets are solid chunks of gold that are hidden in usually difficult locations because of their worth.

They can be sold to the ore collector in the Pokémon Center at Icirrus City (Route 7 - Pokémon White) for Poké Dollar 10,000.


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