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|trainer = Norman
|trainer = Norman
|debut = AG003: There's no Place Like Hoenn
|debut = AG003: There's no Place Like Hoenn
}}'''Norman's Vigoroth''' is one of [[Norman]]'s signature [[Pokémon (species)|Pokémon]].
}}'''Norman's Vigoroth''' was the first [[Pokémon (species)|Pokémon]] Norman was shown to have.

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Norman's Vigoroth
ノーマンのヤルキモノ Senri's Yarukimono
Trainer: Norman
Debut: AG003: There's no Place Like Hoenn
Norman's Vigoroth was the first Pokémon Norman was shown to have.


Vigoroth was first seen in a battle with Ash's Pikachu, which it won using only Scratch (although it used it several times before Pikachu was knocked out).

During Ash and Norman's rematch in Balance of Power, Vigoroth dodged Torkoal's Overheat and knocked it out with a single blow. During its rematch with Ash's Pikachu, Vigoroth was revealled to have learned Flamethrower and by using this unexpected technique, along with its powerful Scratch, Vigoroth managed to fight Pikachu to a draw.

Known moves

Move Episode
Scratch There's no Place Like Hoenn!
Flamethrower Balance of Power!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

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