Factory Head Noland is the first Frontier Brain in the Hoenn region. He is in charge of the Battle Factory. He has the same title as Thorton but they aren't related.


Noland is medium height and quite muscular. He has short spiky brown hair and quite prominent eyebrows over his brown eyes. He wears a puffy crimson red cap, a long white sleeveless coat which he leaves open over a sleeveless black shirt tucked into black trousers with a belt, and crimson red shoes which he tucks his trouser legs into. He also has some grey gloves


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Noland only appears in Emerald. After you defeat 20 trainers in a row at the Battle Factory, Noland will appear and fight you with 3 random Pokémon for the Silver Knowledge Symbol. He will challenge you again after you defeat 41 trainers in a row for the Gold Symbol, using random Pokémon like the first time.



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He battled against Emerald and lost but he enjoyed talking to Emerald as Emerald also has knowledge. Though afterwards he was found lying on the floor knocked out after sometime. Everyone thought that Emerald was the culprit, but he proved his innocence. Afterwards he awakened after being knocked out, and was trying to solve the message on how to be able to ask a wish at Jirachi.

Ash & Pikachu

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He has befriended an Articuno, which he uses to battle Ash's Charizard. He flies with Articuno every night in his plane. He is an aviator and he fails every time, which is the reason why he has befriended Articuno.


E battle sprite

Silver Symbol

Gold Symbol




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