Nobunaga (Japanese: ノブナガ Nobunaga) is the main antagonist of Pokémon Conquest and the warlord of the Dragon-type Kingdom of Dragnor. He is a warrior whose phenomenal strength surpasses all others. Renowned for showing no mercy in battle, he is feared by all who cross his path. His subordinate is Ranmaru.

He also has a striking resemblance to Cao Cao from the Dynasty Warriors series.


Nobunaga first appears after the player character captures the last two kingdoms that are not under his control, where he reveals that Oichi is his sister. He states that he will be waiting for them at Dragnor.

After arriving at Dragnor, Nobunaga is shown to be in control of a Zekrom, then challenges the player character to a battle. After defeat, he merely laughs, then leaves. After the player character links with Arceus, Nobunaga shows up again, this time with other Warlords, and says that he had planned for this, challenging the player character to another battle, this time, with Arceus under the player character's control. After being beaten again, Nobunaga explains that Warlords have been treating their Pokémon with less respect and more like tools since starting to try finding the Pokémon of legend, and that if he could conquer all 17 kingdoms and destroy the legendary Pokémon, he could show others that it was not worth searching for so they would start treating Pokémon like their friends again.

Special Story (The Road to Conquest)

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Image Pokémon Information
Nobunaga PC 444
PC 635
PC 644
PC 384
Nobunaga - The warlord of Ransei. He is partnered with Zekrom.

PC Nobunaga R1

PC Nobunaga R2


  • Rank 1: Desire. Allows Warrior's Pokémon to move twice.
  • Rank 2: Ambition. Makes enemies flinch and allows Warrior's Pokémon to move twice.
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