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Nimbasa Town
(ライモンタウン Raimon Town)
Nimbasa Town
Region: Unova
Debut: Reunion Battles in Nimbasa!

Nimbasa Town (Japanese: ライモンタウン Raimon Town) is an anime-exclusive town located in Unova, more specifically south-eastwards but quite a while away from Nimbasa City, with which it is often confused.


The town's buildings are very colorful and has a Ferris wheel, like Nimbasa City, though it is much smaller. Noteworthy areas in the town include its Battle Club and a stadium that hosts the Don Battle Tournament.

Ash and his friends arrived in Nimbasa Town but are devastated to hear from Luke that they were in fact not in Nimbasa City, but in Nimbasa Town, which had been around much longer. After Bianca meets up with but delays the group by crashing into Ash and pushing him into a nearby water fountain, they all go and sign up for the tournament, where they also meet Trip, Stephan, Georgia, and Burgundy, who were also participants of the Don Battle Tournament.


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