Newton Graceland (ムゲン・グレイスランド Mugen Graceland) is a primary protagonist from the Giratina and the Sky Warrior movie. He is the foremost expert on the Reverse World, with Zero being second in terms of knowledge.



In the past, Newton and Zero worked together, so much so that he took Zero under his wing as his budding protégé. The two worked together to create a machine that could replicate Giratina's ability to travel through dimensions, by harnessing its power. However, Newton saw the error of his ways when he realized the negative repercussions that could be dealt to Giratina as a byproduct of their research. This caused Zero and Newton to become separate from one another, as he was forced to destroy the original blueprints for the Megarig's design.

In the 11th Pokémon film, Newton assists Ash and his friends to prevent Zero from destroying the balance between the Reverse World and the Pokémon World. His experience with the Reverse World proves invaluable for Ash and his friends, as they eventually are able to put a stop to Zero's plan. Newton is seen after the film helping Zero out of his inoperable Mecha Giratina, smiling as he does so. In a post-credits scene for Arceus and the Jewel of Life, Newton is seen greeting Zero whilst in prison, giving him a fragment of his computer system, Infi.



Newton is also proficient with works of technology, as he is seen to carry with him a multitude of peripherals, namely a robotic extension which can allow him to type on a keyboard at a faster rate. He also utilises the use of a handheld computer, which is seen prominently during his time in the Reverse World, where it is able to discern the location of the portal to the Pokémon world.


  • In Japanese, Mugen means 無限 or Infinite. Contentious translations can also purport the name to be an extension of Fantasy, or Vision.
  • Newton may be a reference to Isaac Newton, who first discovered the concept of gravity. This is notable because Newton resides in the Reverse World, a place where gravity is altered at different compositions to that of the Pokémon World.

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