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Newmoon Island
しんげつじま 'New Moon Island'
Information about Newmoon Island
Region: Sinnoh
Connecting locations: ↓South - Canalave City
←West - Fullmoon Island
Weather: Normal
Kind: Normal
Needed HM:

Newmoon Island is a secret island east of Fullmoon Island, off the west coast of Sinnoh.


It is similar to Fullmoon Island. It cannot be accessed unless the player has the Member Card received through a Nintendo event. Once the player has this card, he/she must go to the Old Lodge in Canalave City and fall asleep in the bed, and the player will wake up on Newmoon Island. Here, the player has a chance to catch Darkrai and he/she can't leave the island unless the player catches it or makes it faint.


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