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The Neon Colosseum is a colosseum in Pokemon Battle Revolution. The colosseum leader is Rosie.

Neon Colosseum from a distance

In Neon Colosseum, there is a wheel which has your Pokémon and your opponent's Pokémon on it. You must drop a marker which will land on a Pokémon. The Pokémon that the marker lands on is your's for the battle. Both you and your opponent can get 4 Pokémon.

Fortune Battle (1st Time)

These trainers appear under this colosseum and also appear later in the difficult ranks.

1.Alyssa: PIKACHU Fan

2.Joey: Passionate Man

3.Jessica: Leader-In-Training

4.Barrett: Swimming Club Member

5.Goldy: Passionate Rider

6.Craig: Close Siblings

7.Rosie: Colosseum Leader

Other Trainers

These Trainers appear in the difficult ranks once beaten the game.

1.Elijah: Traveling Guy

2.Natalia: Devlish Girl (Dark Type)

3.Kevin: Bike Tourist

4.Dakota: Hiking Club Member

5.Andy: Pokeball Collector

6.Molly: Three Sisters (Psychic Type)

7.Herbert: Lone Wolf

8.Madison: Twins

9.Jerrod: Play Cowboy

10.Laura: Hiking Girl

11.Damien: Three Brothers (Flying Type)

12.Kayla: Traveling Lady

13.Justin: Hiking Boy

14.Kellie: Leader-In-Training

15.Madeline: Twins

16.Elizabeth: High Tech Maniac

17.Jenna: Tomboy

18.Cassidy: Expedition Member

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