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[[File:Nene pokemon|125px]]
Hometown: Viperia
Region: Ransei
Class: Warlord
First Appearance: Pokémon Conquest

Nene is the leader of Viperia. She is a ninja and enjoys being in charge. She is a gentle, peace-loving woman, adored and respected as a motherly figure by her allies. Her second in command is Hanzō


The Hero/ine encounters Nene and Hideyoshi, who has also evolved, in Viperia and are challenged to a battle. She retreats when she is defeated.

Special Story (Teaching Them a Lesson)

The ninjas of Ransei argue about who is the best and Nene comes up with a solution: She borrows 8 castles and decrees whichever ninja conquers the eight castles is the best. She also sets up some rules for combat:

  • The player can only use Poison, Ghost, and Dark types and she throws in Dragon types too.

She occupies the kingdoms of Avia and her own Viperia.


Image Pokémon Information
Nene 2 PC 041
PC 042
PC 169
Nene - A character paired with Golbat.

PC Nene R1

PC Nene R2


  • Rank 1: Rally. Raises Attack of Warrior's Pokémon and adjacent allies (for 3 turns).
  • Rank 2: Nene Ninpō. Enables Warrior's Pokémon to avoid all enemy moves.
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