Nene is the leader of the Poison-type Kingdom of Viperia. She is a ninja and enjoys being in charge. She is a gentle, peace-loving woman, adored and respected as a motherly figure by her allies. Her second in command is Hanzō.


The Hero/ine encounters Nene and Hideyoshi, who has also evolved, in Viperia and are challenged to a battle. She retreats when she is defeated.

Special Story (Teaching Them a Lesson)

The ninjas of Ransei argue about who is the best and Nene comes up with a solution: She borrows 8 castles and decrees whichever ninja conquers the eight castles is the best. She also sets up some rules for combat:

The player can only use Poison, Ghost, Dark and Dragon types.

She occupies the kingdoms of Avia and her own Viperia.


Image Pokémon Information
Nene 2 PC 041
PC 042
PC 169
Nene - A character paired with Golbat.

PC Nene R1

PC Nene R2


  • Rank 1: Rally. Raises Attack of Warrior's Pokémon and adjacent allies (for 3 turns).
  • Rank 2: Nene Ninpō. Enables Warrior's Pokémon to avoid all enemy moves.


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