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This Skitty, nicknamed Neco-P, is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Shauna.


Neco-P was seen with Shauna's Furfrou when Shauna, Y, Tierno and Trevor were at X's house where Y tried to coerce X out of his room.[1] During the chaos caused by Xerneas and Yveltal, Neco-P, its trainer and her friends scraped passed being tossed in the air by the ensuing battle between the mighty Pokémon.[2]

With Shauna under Celosia's Honedge's control, she accidentally dropped Neco-P in its Pokémon. Y saw how scared it was in its Poké Ball, but before she could pick it up, Shauna swiped it of the ground, with Y questioning what Neco-P was trying to tell her.[3] After her mind control, Neco-P was seen next to Shauna when she woke up and apologised to Y, with Y apologising back.[4]

Facing against Team Flare's grunts' Noibat, Shauna sent Skitty and commanded it to use Fake out. However, the Noibat emitted ultrasonic sounds, causing Neco-P to be deaf at Shauna's commands.[5]

Shauna let Skitty watch Tierno's roller skates move, while everyone took a break.[6]

Neco-P was sent out to battle the group of Espurr sent out by a Team Flare Grunt, alongside Y's Froakie, Y's Fletchling, Tierno's Corphish and Trevor's Flabébé.[7][8]

During the falling of Cassius' helicopter, Neco-P was amongst the group who were panicking over the falling of the helicopter.[9] Shauna sent Skitty into the battle with Team Flare for the Xerneas tree, but everyone got binded by Trevenant's roots.[10] After being freed, Shauna tried to have Skitty attack Essentia, who ran away.[11]

In Laverre City, Shauna, along with her friends, was training with her Skitty, under Gurkinn's supervision.[12][13] Along with her friends and the Gym Leaders, Shauna and Skitty went to Geosenge Town, to seal the Ultimate Weapon.[14] There, Skitty tried to push the "bud", but Shauna called it back before she and Trevor were pulled away by Tierno.[15]

Neco-P was walking with the group and looked up to Blue's Charizard and Rhyperior, who inspired Skitty to become as strong as they were.[16] Skitty helped Corphish, Tierno and Shauna lift an Aggron, under which the Pinsirite was located.[17]

Known moves

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Move Episode/Chapter
No Image
Fake Out X&Y008
Feint Attack X&Y045
Play Rough X&Y045
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


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