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Natural Cure is an ability introduced in Generation III that heals status ailments upon switching out.It can only heal Status effects when the Trainer switches the pokemon.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#113 Chansey 113 Type Normal Natural
#120 Staryu 120 Type Water Natural
#121 Starmie 121 Type WaterType Psychic Natural
#222 Corsola 222 Type WaterType Rock Natural
#242 Blissey 242 Type Normal Natural
#251 Celebi 251 Type PsychicType Grass Natural
#315 Roselia 315 Type GrassType Poison Natural
#333 Swablu 333 Type NormalType Flying Natural
#334 Altaria 334 Type DragonType Flying Natural
#406 Budew 406 Type GrassType Poison Natural
#407 Roserade 407 Type GrassType Poison Natural
#440 Happiny 440 Type Normal Natural
#492 Shaymin 492 Type Grass Natural


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