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Nanette's Tepig
ノノミポカブ Nonomi's Pokabu
Trainer: Nanette
Debut: New Places... Familiar Faces!
Received from: Prof. Juniper
Current location: With Nanette

Nanette's Tepig is the only Pokémon Nanette owns. It debuts in New Places... Familiar Faces! as one of the starters in Prof. Juniper's Lab in Nuvema Town.


It happens to have a very playful and happy spirit when around Nanette. However, it is very tough and puts on a game face throughout the battle alongside Ash's Pikachu as it battled Iris' Emolga and Cilan's Stunfisk. Against Team Rocket, it was able to dish out damage against Jessie's Frillish.


Tepig is first shown being introduced by Prof. Juniper along with a drowsy Oshawott and a male, confident-looking Snivy to Nanette. She fearfully avoided choosing Oshawott as she viewed the superstition of Oshawott's Water Gun to the face while sleeping, making a mess, and creating a flood. Snivy was also not chosen as she imagined him evolving (into a Serperior) and coiling around her affectionately. Nanette has a short breakdown until Iris gets sick of it and want her to choose. Tepig shows off by pretending to prepare a charge (like a bull). Cilan then offers a suggestion to Nanette to chose the Tepig to elevate the problem of her cautious nature. Tepig happily agrees with Cilan and turns towards Nanette and goes beady-eyed on Nanette. Nanette calls him cute and happily chooses Tepig and notifies Prof. Juniper. Nanette goes through the "First Day Trainer" routine (getting PokéBalls, Pokédex, etc.) and finally calls Tepig to its PokéBall. Ash then immediately proposes a battle with Nanette and her Tepig, to which Nanette is doubtful. An idea of a tag battle sparks up and everyone agrees.

The battle takes place outside the lab and Prof. Juniper judges the battle between Ash and Nanette against Cilan and Iris. Ash sends his ace, Pikachu, and Nanette calls out Tepig. Iris uses Emolga and Cilan bring in Stunfisk. Ash calls for Pikachu's Thunderbolt which connects with Emolga than Stunfisk, which it delights. Nanette mistakenly commands for Tepig to use Thunderbolt. Tepig looks wide-eyed back at Nanette in shock. Ash explains that Tepig cannot use it, and offers to use her Pokédex to see its beginning moves. Nanette quickly learns and calls for Tepig's Ember at Cilan's Stunfisk, which connects.

Team Rocket later appear while the battle is still going on and renew their vow to capture Pikachu for the Boss and send out their newly captured Amoonguss and Frillish. Nanette's Tepig was able to use Ember against Frillish but unfortunate with his Tackle due to Frillish's type. Team Rocket eventually failed to capture Pikachu, so they happily went after Tepig. They succeed in getting Nanette's Tepig as far as flying away in their balloon until Ash uses his Unfezant along with Pikachu to use a good long-ranged shot to blast Team Rocket. It hits and Ufenzant and Pikachu safely return Tepig to Nanette, before she bids her farewells and confidently departs for her journey at the end of the episode.

Known Moves

Move Episode
Ember + New Places...Familiar Faces!
Tackle + New Places...Familiar Faces!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

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