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Nando is a character appearing in the Diamond & Pearl series, who is a friend and rival of Ash's and Dawn's.


Nando is a tall young man with light skin, shoulder-length black hair, and blue eyes, one of which is always covered by his hair. His usual outfit consists of a green hat and a green cape held together by a red gem and blue cravat, over a blue vest, off-white shirt, grey trousers, and black boots. He always wears a brown shoulder bag, and carries a golden harp shaped like a Mew. 


Nando is a calm, gentle, and kind-hearted individual. He is very polite and always speaks in a formal manner, even giving commands to his Pokémon during battles in the form of polite requests. He has a love of music, and likes to play his harp for others. 

Due to his relaxed nature, he is rarely fazed or upset by anything, even being falsely arrested for a crime he did not commit. However, he sometimes gets excited during particularly intense Pokémon battles. 


Nando is a rather unique trainer in that he is battling in both contests and gyms with the hope of being in both the Pokémon League and the Grand Festivals in Sinnoh. He is a competent trainer and also enjoys to play on his harp, which is shaped like a Mew. Due to his taking up of both vocations, he is a rival to both Ash and Dawn. His biggest rival is Zoey.

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On hand

Pokémon Information
Nando Roserade
As a Budew, it showed talents that could be used for either gym battles or contests. It then evolved into Roselia and Nando decided to do both. It was revealed Roselia won Nando his first Gym badge at Eterna City. It was seen being used in the second battle stage of a contest where it won against Zoey with a powerful Petal Dance. It had been revealed to have evolved into a Roserade at the Grand Festival where it was used alongside Sunflora and Altaria showing off its musical talents. Its full battling skills where shown at the Lilly of the Vally island where it faced off against Ash.
Budew → Roselia → Roserade
Pokémon Information
Nando Sunflora
Sunflora's first appearance had it as a suspect in a case where Team Rocket had stolen the Adamant Orb from a museum in Eterna City. Sunflora was used in contest battles and appears to have strong fighting skills, though the full extent of which is yet to be seen. It was used to get Nando to the semi-finals alongside Roserade.
Pokémon Information
Nando Kricketune
He uses Kricketune in Gym battles and Contests winning him the Hearthome contest in its debut. It was later used in the Grand Festival teaming up with Lopunny in the semi-finals. However it lost by a small margin.
Pokémon Information
Nando Altaria
Altaris debuted alongside Nando's Kricketot in first round stage of the Pokémon Grand Festival where it used its magical voice to create a musical performance which got him to the second round it was used in the top 16 matches alongside his newly evolved Roserade, showing a Sunny day and Aerial Ace combination.
Pokémon Information
Nando Kricketot
Nando's Kricketot debuted in the Pokémon Grand Festival first stage where its singing talent gave a magical performance it was later used alongside its evolved form in the first double battle where it won.
Pokémon Information
Nando Lopunny
Nando used Lopunny during his Grand Festival Semi-Final match against Zoey. It wasn't used for sing but instead used as a dancer and using a combination of Bug Buzz. Lopunny danced, lowering Zoey's points dramasticly. It battled hard and showed amazing talent. However in the end, it lost by a small point difference and therefore losing the semi-finals.
Pokémon Information
Nando Armaldo
Armaldo is the last of Nando's Pokémon seen. Nando used it in his Sinnoh League battle against Ash's Quilava. It used its attacks such as Rock Blast and X-Scissor to try and defeat its enemy. It also has the defensive move of Protect to try and defend itself from Quilava's attacks. It eventually fell in battle to Quilava.


  • Nando's golden harp, which he carries with him, is shaped like a Mew.
    • The harp he holds during Contests is shaped as two Mew joined at the tail.
  • Nando shares his two unknown badges with two of Barry's three unknown badges.
  • His accent and the fact that he takes part in both Gym Battles and Contests makes himvery similar to Fantina.
  • In the Grand Festival and Sinnoh League, Nando has used at least one Pokémon that doesn't fit into what his Pokémon usually are (either Grass-types, Bug-types or any that can use Sing).



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