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Nacrene City

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Nacrene City
シッポウシティ Shippou City
"A Pearl of a Place"
Nacrene City BW
Location info
Region: Unova
Connecting routes: ←West - Pinwheel Forest
→East - Route 3
Shippou City Isshu Map
Location of Nacrene City in Unova.
Gym info
Name: Nacrene Gym
Leader: Lenora
Type(s): [[File:Type Normal]]
Badge: [[File:{{{badgeimage}}}|50px]]
[[Gym Badges#Basic Badge Basicbadge|Basic Badge Basicbadge]]
Pokémon Gyms
Nacrene City is an old city in eastern Unova, located between Route 3 and Pinwheel Forest. It's peculiar cityscape was made up of abandoned textile factories and century-old warehouses, until enterprising young artists began using them as studios. This was essentially the beginning of the city, and it is still known as the city of art to this day, attracting many creative artists and poets. A disused railroad lies in the south of the city.

The second Gym of the region, which doubles up as a fossil museum, is found here. There are a few other notable places to visit too; such as Café Warehouse, which has a Soda Pop special on Wednesdays; Loblolly's studio, where Loblolly designs furniture for you to use in the Dream World; and a warehouse shop selling battle items.

When you first arrive in the city, Cheren is waiting to talk to you about the Gym, and advises that having a Fighting-type Pokémon will give you a big advantage. He kindly hands over a few Chesto Berries as well. However, when you head to the Gym you'll find N, who shares his opinions on Pokémon before challenging you to a battle.

After defeating him you can go inside and check out the museum, with Leona's husband, Hawes, giving you a guided tour. Amongst the curiosities are a Dragon Skull, an ancient round stone that was buried in the desert, and a meteor that has a space virus attached to it. The latter can be used for changing Deoxys's forme. You can also have fossils restored here by the woman behind the right counter.

Once you've beaten Lenora, Hawes runs in and informs you both that Team Plasma have taken over the museum. Team Plasma steal the Dragon Skull and vanish in a puff of smoke. You and Lenora chase after them and bump into Burgh, Cheren and Bianca who offer to help after hearing what's going on. Cheren and Bianca stay to protect the museum whilst you and the others search for Team Plasma.
Nacrene City in the anime

Nacrene City in the anime

You'll head to Pinwheel Forest with Burgh, but not before Bianca gives you the Dowsing Machine, allowing you to find hidden items.

Later in the story, you'll return here after the events of Relic Castle and be given the Light/Dark Stone by Lenora.

Pokémon Black 2/White 2

Once the player has defeated the Champion, the areas past the Skyarrow Bridge are accessible. Once you reach Nacrene City, you can go to the Nacrene Museum, and a text box will say that a mysterious presence can be felt, and if you'd like to search around. If you say yes, Uxie will appear. It will be blocking the entrance, and you can try and capture it, or defeat it. If you say no, you can continue on to the entrance of the museum. Hawes will greet you, and soon Lenora will appear. She retreats back to her study, and you can go back into the old gym, and go to her study. She will deliver a short speech, and give you the choice of the Plume Fossil or the other fossil.


Main article: Nacrene City Gym
Isshu Pokémon League iconNacrene Gym LeaderIsshu Pokémon League icon
Basicbadge Basic Badge TM Normal TM67 (Retaliate)
Level 18
Type Normal
Level 20
Type Normal


Level 13
Type NormalType Flying
Level 13
Type Fighting
Level 13
Type Water


Item How
Chesto Berry x3
Speak to Cheren outside Pokémon Center.
Fresh Water Sprite
Fresh Water
From man in Gym.
Soda Pop Sprite
Soda Pop
Café Warehouse, Wednesdays.
Miracle Seed
Miracle Seed
From girl in house next to Warehouse Shop. Answer Snivy.
From girl in house next to Warehouse Shop. Answer Tepig.
Mystic Water
Mystic Water
From girl in house next to Warehouse Shop. Answer Oshawott.
Dowsing MCHN (key)
Dowsing MCHN
From Bianca after beating the Gym.
TM Normal
TM67 Retaliate
From Lenora after beating the Gym.
Ultra Ball Sprite
Revive Sprite
Light Stone (key)
Light Stone
After beating Team Plasma at Relic Castle. Black icon
Dark Stone (key)
Dark Stone
After beating Team Plasma at Relic Castle.White icon

Warehouse Shop

Item Poké Dollar
X Sp. Def Sprite
X Sp. Def
X Special Sprite
X Special
X Speed Sprite
X Speed
X Attack Sprite
X Attack
X Defend Sprite
X Defend
Dire Hit Sprite
Dire Hit
Guard Spec. Sprite
Guard Spec.
X Accuracy Sprite
X Accuracy


  • Burgh comes to this city when he has artist's block.
  • If you go near the musician outside Café Warehouse, an accordion will be temporarily added to the background soundtrack.
  • In Black 2 and White 2, you can catch Uxie, one of the three Lake Guardians. It will appear outside the museum after you have completed the game.

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