Nabiki Beach is a beach found in Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. The beach is located to the west of Vientown.


Nabiki Beach will be first accessible when both the player and Keith past the beach to go to the top of a small mountain to meet up with the Rangers of Vientown. Later several Pokémon are out of control on the beach and the player has the choice to choose either Starly, Munchlax or Pachirisu. The chosen Pokémon will be the partner Pokémon of the player when the player becomes a Ranger.


Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Poké Assist Field Move
PR Pichu Sprite Pichu PA Recharge SofA Recharge SOA Recharge 1 Recharge 1
PR Taillow Sprite Taillow PA Flying SofA Flying SOA Cut 1 Cut 1
PR Turtwig Sprite Turtwig PA Grass SofA Grass SOA None None
PR Starly Sprite Starly PA Flying SofA Flying SOA None None
PR Bidoof Sprite Bidoof PA Normal SofA Normal SOA Crush 1 Crush 1
PR Pachirisu Sprite Pachirisu PA Electric SofA Electric SOA None None
PR Shellos Sprite Shellos PA Water SofA Water SOA Soak 1 Soak 1
PR Munchlax Sprite Munchlax PA Normal SofA Normal SOA None None
Wild Pokémon

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