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N is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures, who was the King of Team Plasma.


N is a tall, thin young man. He is fair-skinned with green eyes and long chartreuse green hair tied into a low fluffy ponytail and shorter pieces framing his face. He wears a white, mid-sleeved shirt with a black shirt under it, a pair of cider green slip on shoes and beige skinny fit pants, with a cube attached to his chain near his left hip. N also wears a black and white bracelet on his right wrist and a yellow rectangular tri-bracelet and a blue and black pendant on a chain around his neck. His most notable feature is his hat, which is white and black with a black peak.


N is seen almost all the time in the chapters with an emotionless expression on his face. He is also shown to be very caring about Pokémon and was enraged by how the Pokémon are captured with Poké Balls, saying that when they are in the Poké Balls, their "voice" cannot be heard.


Ghetsis had Anthea and Concordia raise N. He eventually planned N to become king and let him become Team Plasma's leader.[1]

Pokémon from the tyranny of trainers. On a rainy night the year before the events started, N "liberated" a starter trio from Cedric Juniper, feeling that the practice of giving out sets of starter Pokémon created suffering. Snivy remained with N, but Oshawott went back to Cedric Juniper and Tepig vanished.

Black & White arc

Young N manga

N's dream when Black's Musha read N's dreams.

N makes his first appearance standing near an Xtransceiver commercial shooting after Black manages to save it from being attacked by a wild Galvantula. He sheds tears over the fact that Pokémon are being used for purposes such as acting.

Galvantula is trying to speak with him when Black contemplates releasing it. Black immediately dismisses the thought of a Pokémon talking in a human language. N states that he feels sorry for Black because he cannot hear the voices of Pokémon. N asks for Black to battle him so that he can hear the voices of his Pokémon, and N easily dominates the battle with Purrloin.

When Black tells White he doesn't think he can win, N agrees, telling Black it is because he shuts his Pokémon in Poké Balls. Purrloin scores a good hit on Black's Munna, and Black calls out his Braviary. With movements of his wrists, N summons a Pidove, Tympole, and Gurdurr wordlessly from apparently nowhere.

When Black pulls out his Pokédex to try and get an edge in the battle, N immediately grabs Black's wrist, growing more intense as he yanks Black closer and tells him that many, many of his friends were locked into Poké Balls to fill the Pokédex.

N questions if Pokémon are truly happy when they're locked up inside of Poké Balls; he states that once a Pokémon is locked up inside of a Poké Balls then its voice is lost and he can longer understand them. He tells Black that he knows when a Pokémon attack will do the most damage and the moment it can happen, and that he should rely on his ears to listen to Pokémon rather than using a machine's data.

He begins to tear up while stating that it is impossible for humans and Pokémon to be truly happy together and that they suffer because people cannot hear their voices. Black is angered and has his Tepig attack Tympole to show N his spirit. N has a moment of shock before Tepig's attack hits, knocking out both Tympole and Tepig and throwing Tympole and N into a wall. N tells Black that he heard Tepig's voice, presumably saying he loves being with Black. As he walks away from Black he says that he has found another unsolvable formula.

Black reveals to White afterwards that his Munna ate N's dream during the battle, and N's dream is a very gentle dream of his childhood.

N rescues the Team Plasma member that White and Black had in their custody, (temporarily) kidnapping White by trapping her in the Ferris wheel with him and a Servine so that the Plasma can make an escape. He sits with her in silence, fiddling with his menger's sponge, until his necklace—a communication device—buzzes or makes some sort of noise. He lifts it, speaking into it. It's the Team Plasma member he has rescued with a few teammates, asking if N is okay. N reports that he is okay and advises them to run away. Hanging up, he explains to White that by shutting her in here, the captured member can make a getaway. When White accuses him of being their teammate, he corrects her, telling her that he is Team Plasma's king.

He tells her that his goal is to save both Pokémon and the people who also save Pokémon, namely Team Plasma; he says that was what Ghetsis told him. N looks out the window, making a non sequitur comment that he likes Ferris wheels because of their peaceful, circular motion and the interconnection of their formulae. He asks White if she understands. When White responds that she doesn't—not just the Ferris wheel but more the liberation of Pokémon—N admits that perhaps he is the one who doesn't understand, saying he has watched her and her Pokémon Musical to try and understand, but has failed. He picks up White's Tepig, Gigi, who is terrified as he adjusts the bow on her head as he asks White why she is in showbiz. He listens without verbal judgment all through her explanation as she says her dream is to make Pokémon and people happy.

N is, however, unconvinced, and considering his silence, possibly uncertain of how to proceed. White says his thoughts for him, guessing that he believes that showbiz is only what humans do for other humans and Pokémon shouldn't have to be included. White tells him that there are Pokémon who enjoy it, and N surprises her by saying she is right. Just as some humans like drawing and others like running, some Pokémon like singing, dancing, and being on stage. But N points out that by favoring that one aspect of a Pokémon personality, to the exclusion of everything else, stunts their growth. Battling is how Pokémon grow and evolve naturally, as according to their species. By controlling them, humans take away the majesty of Pokémon.

N lifts Gigi, who is no longer afraid, and asks her if she would like to try battling—something she'd always been denied in BW Agency, and could only watch as Black's Tepig grew stronger and evolved. N asks if she would like to use her attacks however she wants and to taste victory.

Servine suddenly attacks Gigi, its tail slamming Gigi into the ceiling in a harsh blow. N does not look surprised, so he might have known what was going to happen. When White cries out a protest, saying that Gigi has never battled, N gives her an expressionless look and says it is not that Gigi has never battled, but that she has never been made to battle. White shouts that doesn't battle go against Team Plasma's tenants, because it forces Pokémon to fight each other and get hurt?

N becomes foreboding and very angry, telling White that if she thinks Pokémon don't want to battle, then she is ignoring their voices. He tells her that a Pokémon Musical isn't a sin, but not listening to your Pokémon is. At that moment, the tearful Gigi retaliates against Sevine's attack, using Ember to deal serious damage. N warmly praises Gigi, who looks up to him in hopeful adoration as he tells her he sees power enough in her to defeat even the Champion.

Panicking, White throws open the door of the Ferris wheel, calling to Gigi that they are close enough to the ground to jump. White jumps out of the Ferris wheel, reaching up to catch Bubu—but Bubu jumps into N's lap, the two of them watching as White plummets to the ground.

Alone in the Ferris wheel with Gigi in his arms, N wonders aloud how many Pokémon there are. He will listen to all of their voices. And that is why he will surpass the Champion. He will become invincible and free all Pokémon, and then he will know that he is right.

N has Servine follow White out of the gondola.

N later awakens Zekrom from the Dark Stone and convinces Zekrom to join him.

N goes on to defeat the Elite Four without Zekrom's help; he is in the midst of battling Alder when Black and Reshiram interrupt. However, Black has not fully bonded with Reshiram, and it retreats back into the Light Stone. Zorua and Gigi finish off Alder's Pokémon. White confronts N, making him happy when White tells N that she wants Gigi to choose between N and herself. He feels that she is closer to understanding Team Plasma's ideals. As N leaves, Cedric Juniper arrives, and the three of them engage N in battle.

Black, White, and Cedric Juniper defeat Zorua and Gigi. N and Juniper begin to argue about the practice of giving away starter Pokémon, revealing that N had "liberated" a trio of starters a year earlier; Snivy had stayed with N, Oshawott had stayed with Juniper, and the Tepig had vanished. N uses his abilities to hold off Black's Pokémon, and then convinces Black's Munna, Musha to join him. As N and Musha leave, N tells Black that Zekrom wants to fight Black and Reshiram.

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Black 2 & White 2 arc

After the events of the Pokémon League, N vanished; the new leader became Colress. However, a part of Team Plasma forces decided to ally themselves with N, as Colress wanted to control the Pokémon using his machine.[2]

Leo spoke to Blake and recalled about N's fighting with Black. Whitley also remembered N, wishing he would save her from the school she had to attend.[3] While being carried by Blake, Whitley noticed a resemblance between him and N.[4] Looker, who has been searching for traces of Team Plasma, noted how King N has been replaced with Colress as a temporary leader.[5] Hugh showed a picture of N in the pendant, proving someone among his classmates was a Team Plasma member.[6] N was flying on Zekrom to catch the Light Stone, where a certain person was lying at.[7] White obtained the Light Stone, and N came off his Zekrom to confront her.[8]

White sent her Pokémon to battle, but N and Zekrom remained still. N smiled, noting love between White, Gigi and Amanda, and was glad he entrusted the Pokémon to White. White shook her head, and wished to know why did Reshiram revert to the Light Stone, while Zekrom did not. N explained he did not know, either, but believed that was Zekrom's will. He let White board onto Zekrom, as they flew off. N told their target was Kyurem. White was reminded by Drayden that Kyurem was a shell when a great dragon of Unova split into Reshiram and Zekrom. N claimed Kyurem was calling out to the Legendary Dragons to fuse with them, which surprised White. N feared Kyurem was growing stronger, and it soon won't be able to be stopped. White spoke about the giant ship that froze cities. N was aware of this, knowing well Ghetsis and Team Plasma were behind that. White feared that N would attempt at becoming the King of Team Plasma. However, N assured her he was an enemy of Team Plasma, and swore to stop them, proving that through his actions. They flew to the ship, from which Ghetsis, riding on Kyurem, emerged, to confront N and Zekrom. The two dragons clashed, which made White upset. N warned White that Reshiram could be Kyurem's next target, and asked of her to run away with the Light Stone. White flew off on Barbara, while N's Zekrom used Fusion Bolt against Kyurem's Glaciate.[9]


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