• No Rank I
  • No Rank II


is the warlord of the Ghost-type Kingdom of Spectra. An Aloof and somewhat mysterious beauty who likes nothing more than watching talented Warriors in action on the battlefield. Her second in command is Okuni.


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Special Episode (Ransei's Legendary Beauty)

Ransei is controlled by women Warlords, but who is the fairest and the strongest of them all? Nō has no doubts in her mind.


Image Pokémon Information
Nouhime PC 200
PC 429
Nōhime - A character paired with Mismagius.

PC Nōhime R1

PC Nōhime R2


  • Rank 1: Added Bonus. Increases probability of inflicting status ailments on enemies (for 3 turns).
  • Rank 2: Viper's Bite. Increases effectiveness of moves against Pokémon with male Warrior partners (for 3 turns).

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