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This Archeops is a Rock/Flying-type Pokémon that was owned by N.


Archeops was first seen as Archen with N's other Pokémon at the Dragonspiral Tower where N befriended a Zekrom.

N later used Archeops in a battle against Alder. Alder sent out his Escavalier and Bouffalant and Archeops was sent out on N's side with Darmanitan. Archeops clased several times with Escavalier and Marshal stated that both Pokémon were moving like the wind. When Black and White arrived at the scene, it was seen that Archeops was able to defeat three of Alder's Pokémon. Archeops was later hit by Alder's Accelgor's Acid Spray and Archeops was recalled by N for that.

Known moves

None of Archeops' moves are known.

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