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My Pokémon Ranch
My Pokémon Ranch
Game Information
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Ambrella
Category Virtual Life
Players 1 player
ESRB E for Everyone
Release Dates
Flag of Japan March 25, 2008
Flag of the United States June 9, 2008
Flag of Europe July 4, 2008
Other Info
Platform WiiWare

My Pokémon Ranch is a WiiWare game released in 2008. It costs 1000 Wii Points. In the game, Miis and Pokémon interact. Hayley (the owner of the ranch) gives the ranch six Pokémon. Everyday, Hayley brings a new Pokémon to the ranch, depending on how the player answers her questions, until she has brought a total of 15 Pokémon to the ranch. Also, the player can deposit Pokémon from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. The Pokémon will stay on the ranch unless the person who deposited it in the first place withdraws it. A maximum of 1,000 Pokémon can be stored, and there are certain rewards the user can trade for at certain landmarks, the crown jewel of these being Mew (which is found when there are 999 user-deposited Pokémon). You take care of Pokémon, and use some items, such as the Toy box, Stinky Ball and the Bonfire.

An update to the game has been launched on the Japanese server of the Wii Shop Channel. It allows connectivity between My Pokémon Ranch and Pokémon Platinum, including Giratina's Origin forme and Shaymin's Sky forme. It also allows 500 more Pokémon to be stored in the game. Additionally, there are several new items and events included.


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