Multitype is an ability that was introduced in Generation IV and is only possessed by the Mythical Pokémon Arceus. In battle, multitype changes the type of the Pokémon with this ability depending on which Plate is attached.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Plate type Obtained
#493 Arceus 493 No Plate Type Normal Natural
Insect Plate Sprite
Insect Plate
Type Bug
Dread Plate Sprite
Dread Plate
Type Dark
Draco Plate Sprite
Draco Plate
Type Dragon
Zap Plate Sprite
Zap Plate
Type Electric
Fist Plate Sprite
Fist Plate
Type Fighting
Flame Plate Sprite
Flame Plate
Type Fire
Sky Plate Sprite
Sky Plate
Type Flying
Spooky Plate Sprite
Spooky Plate
Type Ghost
Meadow Plate Sprite
Meadow Plate
Type Grass
Earth Plate Sprite
Earth Plate
Type Ground
Icicle Plate Sprite
Icicle Plate
Type Ice
Toxic Plate Sprite
Toxic Plate
Type Poison
Mind Plate Sprite
Mind Plate
Type Psychic
Stone Plate Sprite
Stone Plate
Type Rock
Iron Plate Sprite
Iron Plate
Type Steel
Splash Plate Sprite
Splash Plate
Type Water
Pixie Plate
Type Fairy

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