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'Mt. Silver' (Japanese: シロガネやま Shirogane-yama) is a mountain in the north-east of the Johto region. This mountain contains Red, a player from the Generation I series of Pokémon. Red has been localized at the peak on Mt. Silver. In the anime, the Mt. Silver is the place of the Pokémon Preservation Center.

Wild Pokémons


Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal Version

No. Sprite Pokémon Type Rate Min Max M D N Gold Silver Crystal
114114TangelaType Grass30%4141xxxxxx
077077PonytaType Fire30%4242xxxxxx
078078RapidashType Fire10%4444xxxxxx
217217UrsaringType Normal20%4242xxxx-x
232232DonphanType Ground20%4444xxx-xx


Part in the series


In the Pokémon manga series, Red goes there to bathe in the hot springs after he was being frozen.


In the series, Ash, Misty, and Brock travel to the mountain to drop off Larvitar and enter the Johto League Silver Conference. The Silver Conference is at the foot of Mt. Silver.

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