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Mt. Mistral

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Mt. Mistral
Please upload an image of this dungeon.[[Image:{{{image}}}|140px|center]]
Pokémon recruitable Yes
Floors 20
Item allowance Allowed
Money allowance Allowed
Team members 4
Starting level Current
Predominant type Flying
Boss None

Mt. Mistral is an area in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorer's of Time and Darkness. Ho-Oh can also be found here on 19F (with Mystery Part or Secret Slab in bag).


Pokémon Floors found on
File:PMD-Pidgeot.png Pidgeot 1F-19F
Fearow 1F-19F
Venomoth 1F-19F
Aerodactyl 1F-19F
Jumpluff 1F-19F
Swellow 1F-19F
Flygon 1F-19F
Staraptor 1F-19F
Mothim 1F-19F
Drifblim 1F-19F
Mismagius 1F-19F
Gliscor 1F-19F
Ho-Oh 19F

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