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Mt. Deepgreen

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Mt. Deepgreen
Mt. Deepgreen

A mountainous area with lush plant life and deliciously fresh air. Pokémon are happy to live in this bountiful area.

Primary Type Ground
Capacity 12
Location Mountain Range
How to Obtain
Have Cubone as a starter or partner pokemon, or purchase for 130 MD Poke

Mt. Deepgreen is a Friend Area in the Mountain Range.

Resident Pokemon

MD Geodude Geodude
MD Graveler Graveler
MD Golem Golem
MD Cubone Cubone
MD Marowak Marowak
MD Gligar Gligar
MD Shuckle Shuckle
MD Teddiursa Teddiursa
MD Ursaring Ursaring
MD Spoink Spoink
MD Grumpig Grumpig
MD Spinda Spinda

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