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Mt. Blaze
[[File:File:Mt. Blaze.png|225px]]
Floors 15
Terrain Lava
Game Red and Blue Rescue Team
How to Unlock
Complete Lapis Cave.

Mt. Blaze is the tenth dungeon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red and Blue Rescue Team. After completing the first 12 floors, the player will be given a chance to rest and save before continuing to Mt. Blaze Peak. It has three floors, with the second legendary Pokémon boss (Moltres) at the peak. There is no chance of finding a monster house in this dungeon. There is a chance of finding a Kecleon Shop on floors 5-11, and buried items on floors 13-15.


Spoiler warning:
Plot and/or ending details may follow.
Unown Exclamation XY

As the player and their partner emerge from Lapis Cave, they rush to get as much distance between the Rescue Teams apprehending them and themselves as possible, and they soon stop to take a break, the partner being exhausted. After spotting a "Mountain of Fire" in the distance, the team decides to go through it to deter most of the fair-weather teams. At the peak, they are attacked by Moltres, who believes the player to be the cause for the volcanic mountains distress. After the battle, the team continues to run into the frozen north-eastern regions of the land.

Pokemon Encountered

Mt. Blaze

1F 2F 3F 4F 5F 6F 7F 8F 9F 10F 11F 12F
*These pokemon cannot be recruited

Mt. Blaze Peak

1F 2F 3F
*These pokemon cannot be recruited
**Moltres cannot be recruited until after the end credits

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