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Mt Battle
The summit of Mt. Battle
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Towering above the land is the ascending spiral of Trainers known as Mt. Battle. There are 100 Trainers on the way up to the summit of Mt. Battle. The last person to have a Pokémon battle with is a man who has a Claydol, Flygon, Gyarados, and other types of strong Pokémon. The first 30 battles take place at the base of the mountain, the next 30 battles take place inside the mountain, which is revealed to be a volcano, all but the last battle takes place outside the volcano near the top and the final battle, number 100, takes place at the top of the volcano.

Pokemon Colosseum Area 1

Pokemon Colosseum Area 2

Pokemon Colosseum Area 3

Pokemon Colosseum Area 4

Pokemon Colosseum Area 5

Pokemon Colosseum Area 6

Pokemon Colosseum Area 7

Pokemon Colosseum Area 8

Pokemon Colosseum Area 9

Pokemon Colosseum Area 10

Pokemon XD Area 1

Pokemon XD Area 2

Pokemon XD Area 3

Pokemon XD Area 4

Pokemon XD Area 5

Pokemon XD Area 6

Pokemon XD Area 7

Pokemon XD Area 8

Pokemon XD Area 9

Pokemon XD Area 10

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