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|image = Mr_Moore_Wingull.png
|image = Mr_Moore_Wingull.png
|nameline = [[Mr Moore's Wingull|Wingull]]}}
|nameline = [[Mr Moore's Wingull|Wingull]]}}
[[Category:Male Characters]]
[[Category:Male Characters]]

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Mr. Moore
Mr Moore
Gender: {{{gender}}}
Hometown: Lavaridge Town
Region: Hoenn
Family: Flannery
Friends: Ash, May, Max, Brock
First Appearance: Poetry Commotion!
Voice actor: Sean Schemmel (English)

Mr. Moore is Flannery's Grandfather, who made his first appearance in Poetry Commotion!, along with Flannery.

According to her he left Flannery in charge of the Gym three days after he went on a journey to be a Pokémon poet. However he did not go very far as he was very worried about her. He saw that she didn't do the greatest job of keeping the gym well organized and decided to secretly help her. First he helped Flannery find a box full of Heat Badges, then he wanted to help by being a judge from the CPPGJ. His secret was blown when he used Pokémon that Flannery knew he had to save her Pokémon from Team Rocket. He thanks Ash and co. for helping and has not only given them free passes to their sand baths, but also had the inspiration for a new poem: "As the sun sets... Pikachu gets... in the sand."

The next day he volunteered to be a real judge and even acted like one to his novice granddaughter. When Flannery lost he was disappointed that she had to learn to keep her cool, he was impressed with the battle itself and told her someday she will make a great Gym Leader.


Pokémon Information
Mr Moore Typhlosion
Attacks: Flame Wheel
Pokémon Information
Mr Moore Wingull
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