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|family =
|family =
|class =
|class =
|voiceact = [[Wikipedia:Minoru Inaba|Minoru Inaba]] (Japanese)<br>[[Wikipedia:Kirk Thornton|Kirk Thornton]] (English)
|friends = Unknown
|friends = Unknown
|firstappear = [[Pokemon Red and Blue]]
|firstappear = [[Pokemon Red and Blue]]

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'Mr. Fuji'
(フジろうじん Elderly Fuji)
[[File:Mr. Fuji art|125px]]
Hometown: Lavender Town
Region: Kanto
Friends: Unknown
First Appearance: Pokemon Red and Blue
Mr. Fuji is a kind hearted old man that lives in Lavender Town. He is the Main Founder of the Cinnabar Island laboratory and he loves Pokémon. He cares for an orphaned Cubone after its mother, Marowak, is killed by Team Rocket. In the Generation 1 games, he gives the Trainer a Pokeflute, which can later be used to wake up the Snorlax
Mr. Fuji

Mr.Fuji standing with the Orphaned Cubone

on Route 12 and Route 16.

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