Mr. Big is a character appearing in Pokémon: Advanced.


Mr. Big is a famous Coordinator, who obtained three ribbons, making him an experienced Coordinator.

Season 6: Advanced

One day, Mr. Big was preparing fireworks. He saw Ash and May battle and complimented Ash on his Contest Battle, even if May was the one who wanted to become a Coordinator. Mr. Big introduced himself as the Coordinator, fascinating May to meet an experienced trainer. Mr. Big gave some advice to May that she must not be nervous during the Contest battle, else the Pokémon will feel nervous as well, then gave her a PokéBlock Case. Mr. Big went to his shop to check on supplies, but was terrified when May's Torchic ate the Bluk Berry he was to use as a color for the fireworks, blaming himself for not closing the door. Feeling terrible, May promised to search for the berry, even if it was rare to find one. In the end, May managed to find one and give it to Mr. Big, who, that night, started the fireworks.

Episode appearances

Episode Title
AG033 Now That's Flower Power!
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