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Magnet Rise

Magnet Rise is an example of a move

A Move is a technique that Pokémon use during Battles. Moves are mainly used to inflict damage on the opponent. Moves usually come from a natural ability that the specific Pokémon has. Some moves can be used both inside and outside of battle. When outside of battle, moves are usually used for transportation or for removing a certain obstacle that occurs in the game. There are three types of moves; Physical, Special, and Status. Each type holds a different kind of effect when used.

Furthermore, all Pokémon moves have an elemental type associated with them. Depending on the type of Pokémon one faces, this can make a move "super-effective", "not very effective" or have "no effect" at all.


Physical is a move category, along with Status and Special, which was first introduced in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Version. Most moves in this category have to do with dealing damage through 'physical' contact with the target, like a punch or kick. These moves can also activate a Pokémon's ability such as Static or Poison Point.

Other physical moves are non-contact. Some involve some sort of 'physical' power being used, while other moves involve the launching of attacks that have solid forms or is related to ones that do.

Contact Examples

Non-Contact Examples


Special is a category of attack, along with Status and Physical, which was first introduce in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Version. As the name suggests, most moves in this category have to deal with the user projecting their attack through energy or other forces of nature.



Status is a battle type category, along with Physical and Special, which was first introduced in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Version, however this category is the only one to be a non-damaging type. As the name suggests, most moves in this category cause status changes. The category can be separated into two other categories, outside of it being a non-damaging move, such as "negative status" moves, which cause status problems, by either affecting the target's stats or health condition, and the "positive status" moves, which powers up the user or erase negative health conditions. Other moves are non-damaging moves.

Positive Examples

Negative Examples

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