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Mountain Hut Maid Café

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Mountain Hut Maid Café
DP062 1
Region: Sinnoh
Debut: Tanks For The Memories!

Mountain Hut Maid Café, or just coffee Maidens. The cafe is in the middle of a meadow, on the road from Solaceon Town to Veilstone City, closer to the second.


It is owned by sisters Autumn, Summer and Spring. Three young girls very bets, who like to welcome your customers with the same phrase, "Hello, welcome them home, although it is the first time they visit the premises. In the cafe, they serve one of the best milk. Obtained only from their own Miltank. For this, have a building behind the cafe where he is a very potent machine. An extension is connected to the teats of Miltank, and the machine draws the milk and prepared for immediate consumption. In total, the three sisters have four Miltank.

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