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This article is about the character in Pokémon Adventures. For other uses of Morty, click here.
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Morty is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures, who is the Gym Leader of Ecruteak City in the Johto region.


Morty is identical in appearance to his game counterpart.


Morty has a kind personality, as he is shown to do things on other people's behalf. Morty also uses his location abilities for the greater good, as he assists the Ecruteak City townspeople to find lost items. He has exhibited great honour for the legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh, who is one of only two Pokémon that can not be detected by his ability, the other being Suicune.


Crystal arc

Morty appears at a rural town, whereupon he successfully uses his tracking ability to discern the location of a woman's long-lost Girafarig. The woman thanks Morty for reuniting the pair. She then asks Morty whether he can see all things, to which Morty reveals that one Pokémon has been able to elude his vision, the rainbow Pokémon. Morty reveals to the woman that he was tasked by a man called Eusine to find the legendary Pokémon Suicune, but admits that he cannot find it either. However, she brings a radio before Morty, as a region-wide broadcast announces that Suicune has reawakened. Morty is surprised at this revelation, telling his Misdreavus and Gastly to follow him. As the trio run through the forest, Morty is enveloped within a deep mist, as he tells his Pokémon to remain alert.

Morty uses his Gastly to disperse the mist, as Suicune rushes from the trees and into the village. However, Suicune finds itself unable to move, as Morty reveals that his Gastly set out minimal electrical waves throughout the surrounding area through Thunderbolt. Morty resolves to capture the immobile Suicune, as he throws his Poké Ball at the legendary Pokémon. However, the Poké Ball passes right through Suicune, as Morty is immersed in a bright light. Morty discovers that Suicune has disappeared, and has instead been replaced with four versions of himself. He wonders what is going on, eagerly touching his reflection. To Morty's shock, the illusion shatters like fragments of glass, as he realises that Suicune fooled him by using Mirror Coat. Morty notices that his Misdreavus has been paralysed due to Suicune's attack, and attempts to search for it with his ability. However, he is unable to find its presence, and cedes victory to Suicune.

Morty then calls Eusine, informing him of the situation. Later, Lt. Surge approaches Morty, after hearing of his talents with finding things. He presents Morty with fragments of clothing from both Gold and Silver respectively, asking whether Morty will be able to find them. Morty states that he can, and discerns that they are at the Whirl Islands. After the Gym Leader tournament is held, Morty faces off against Lt. Surge, a battle which ultimately ends in a draw. After the battle, Morty asks for Lt. Surge to shake his hand to show his sportsmanship, but he smacks it away.

HeartGold & SoulSilver arc

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On hand

Pokémon Information
Morty's Misdreavus
Misdreavus is one of Morty's Pokémon, used first in the conflict against Suicune. However, it was incapacitated by Gastly's Thunderbolt after Suicune used Mirror Coat. Later, it made an appearance during the Gym Leader tournament, where it was pitted against Lt. Surge's Magnemite. However, Misdreavus was able to pull off Destiny Bond before it fainted, declaring the battle a draw.
Pokémon Information
Morty's Gastly Adventures
Gastly is used in the conflict against Suicune. In the battle, Morty used his Gastly to send out electrical waves via its Thunderbolt attack, which managed to paralyse Suicune. However, Suicune used its Mirror Coat to negate the effects of this attack, redirecting it to Morty's Misdreavus instead.


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