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|image =
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|firstappear = [[AG125: Like a Meowth to a Flame]]
|firstappear = [[AG118: Less is Morrison]]
|voiceact = [[Marc Diraison]] (English)
|voiceact = [[Marc Diraison]] (English)
|age = 10}}
|age = 10}}

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Region: Hoenn
First Appearance: AG118: Less is Morrison
Voice actor: Marc Diraison (English)

Morrison is one of Ash's friends. He was defeated the Hoenn Tournament by Ash.


He first appeared in Less is Morrison, when he met Ash, May, Max and Brock when his sandwich was rolling. Though May's Munchlax ate it, Ash was tempted to get a new rival, who was his match. Morrison battled with his Beldum and the battle ended in a draw. They both began to accept each other and battled Team Rocket by themselves to take Pikachu and Beldum back.

In AG126, he signed up for the Hoenn League and participated in battles. In one of his battles, the Beldum evolved and secured Morrison a victory. He emerged victorious, until AG129, when he saw he would battle with Ash. Morrison was depressed, forcing the judge to make Ash a winner, but in AG130, Ash convinced him to battle and he did. Though a close call, Ash won, but Morrison was glad that he fought bravely. In AG131 he cheered for Ash against Tyson, even if Ash lost. In the end, Morrison departed and was never seen again.


Pokémon Information
Metang is Morrison's favourite Pokémon. Though when Ash met Morrison it knew only Takedown, Beldum was able to defeat Pikachu. Later, in AG126, it evolved and defeated a trainer, ensuring Morrison's victory. In AG130, Metang was a powerful match, but Ash's Glalie defeated it. Metang's moves are Confusion, Takedown and Meteor Mash.
Beldum → Metang
Pokémon Information
No Image
Gligar was Morrison's fastest Pokémon. It battled with Growlithe in AG127 against a Marowak and Machamp and Gligar won. Later, Gligar battled with Ash's Pokémon in AG130, it battled with Grovyle, defeating it, but was defeated in a draw with Ash's Swellow. Gligar.jpg
Pokémon Information
Growlithe is another Morrison's Pokémon. It battled in AG127 with a Machamp and a Marowak. It proved to be resistant, but was defeated by Marowak. Later, in AG130, Growlithe battled Ash's Corphish, but since Morrison was depressed, it was beaten fairly easily. Its moves are Flamethrower and Takedown.
Pokémon Information
Steelix is Morrison's most powerful Pokémon. Steelix battled in AG130 with Pikachu and Torkoal, defeating them in a row. It proved quite offensive and defensive, but was defeated by Ash's Grovyle. Its moves are DragonBreath, Dig and Iron Tail.
Pokémon Information
Swampert is Morrison's Pokémon. It battled Ash's Corphish, when they were both defeated in a draw. Its moves are Hydro Pump and Focus Punch.
Pokémon Information
Girafarig is another Morrison's Pokémon. It battled in AG129 with Corphish, but since Morrison was depressed, it was beaten easily. Its moves are Tackle, Iron Tail and Light Screen.

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