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Moor of Icirrus

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Moor of Icirrus
セッカの湿原 Sekka no Shitsugen
Moor of Icirrus
Information about Moor of Icirrus
Region: Unova
Connecting locations: ↓South- Route 8
Weather: Normal
Kind: Marshland
Needed HM: Surf Strength
Unova Sekka Wetlands map
Location of Moor of Icirrus in Unova.

The Moor of Icirrus (Japanese: セッカの湿原 Sekka Moor) is a wetland located near Icirrus City. If Keldeo is brought here along with Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion, an old man will talk about the four Pokémon's history and teach Keldeo the Fighting-type move Secret Sword.

Wild Pokémon

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