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|}}Moonblast (Japanese: '''''ムーンブラス ト''''' '''Moon Force''') is a {{type|Fairy}}-type move introduced in [[Generation VI]].
'''Moonblast''' (Japanese: '''ムーンブラス ト''' ''Moon Force'') is a {{type|Fairy}}-type move introduced in [[Generation VI]].

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(ムーンブラス ト Moon Force)
Generation: VI
Battle Data
Type: Type Fairy
Category [[File:Type_.gif|]]
Power: 65
Accuracy: 90%
PP: 20
Affects: Selected target
Secondary Effect:
Priority: 0
Contest Data
Contest Spectaculars (ORAS)
Type: [[File:Type_.gif|]]
Appeal: 1
Jam: 1

Moonblast (Japanese: ムーンブラス ト Moon Force) is a Fairy-type move introduced in Generation VI.


Generation VI

By Leveling Up

By Leveling Up
Pokémon Type Level
Sylveon Fairy ??

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