Moon is a new Pokémon trainer and the new female protagonist in the games Pokémon Sun and Moon one of the two main protagonists alongside Sun, and at the end of the games, they become the first-ever Champion of the Alola region.


Moon is shown to have a red toque (which has a flower-like top) sitting on her shorter black hair that surrounds her pale face. She has slate grey eyes like her male counterpart, but she shows her enthusiasm much more with a large smile. She has a loose light yellow t-shirt with light pink and goldenrod flora patterns spread across it, along with very small green shorts, and finally wearing red and black shoes with large yellow laces. She sports a gray Z-Ring on her left arm. Her appearance is customizable.

Moon appears in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon with a new outfit, consisting of an orange shirt with red flowers, white shorts, black and white shoes, her hair has braids and is shown to have a yellow porkpie hat with a flower.


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When she is selected by the player, Moon originally came from Kanto to Alola. In Alola, she quickly befriends Hau and meets Lillie and her Cosmog, Nebby. Then she starts her adventure in Alola.

She does not appear in the game if she is not selected by the player.



Main article: Moon (Adventures)

Moon, in the Pokémon Adventures manga, is a Pokédex Holder. She came from the Sinnoh region with her Rotom to help Professor Kukui out. Not soon after coming to Alola, she met up with Sun and decided to join him.



Moon's old home region is Kanto.

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