Moon is a new Pokémon Trainer and the female protagonist in Pokémon Sun and Moon. She is one of the two main protagonists alongside Sun. She also appears in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the remakes of the previously mentioned games.


In her official artwork, Moon wears a red flower-like toque on top of her short black hair. She has pale skin and slate- grey eyes like her male counterpart, Sun. Her clothes consist of a loose light yellow t-shirt with light pink and gold flower patterns spread across it and small green shorts. Noticeably, the white color of a bra or tank top is visible under her right arm. On her feet, she wears red and black shoes with large yellow laces. To complete her outfit, she sports a grey Z-Ring on her left arm. However, like in previous games, her appearance is customizable.

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, she has a new outfit. It consists of an orange shirt with red flowers, white shorts, and black and white shoes. Her hair is the same color but is now braided. On her head, she wears a yellow porkpie hat with a flower in it. She also appears to be showing much more enthusiasm or cheer, as she appears to be jumping.


Just like every other playable protagonist in the core games, Moon is silent and has no pre-existing personality. Except for some pre-made dialogue choices, she is completely mute. Unlike the previous few games (Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X and Y, etc.), she does not appear if the player does not choose to play as her. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to figure out her personality.


If Moon is selected to be played, she is born in Kanto and travels to Alola with her mother. She talks to Professor Kukui over video chat at the beginning of the game. Not much else is known about her, other than the fact that she is very young. She is at least 11, though, as she is able to partake in the Island challenges.


Over the course of the game, Moon makes some new friends. She befriends Hau and Lillie, and meets her Cosmog, Nebby. She travels around the region, simultaneously enjoying her vacation and beating back Team Skull at the same time.

Unlike previous games, she does not appear if she is not selected by the player.



Main article: Moon (Adventures)

In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Moon is a Pokédex Holder. She came from the Sinnoh region to find a cure for a poisoned Piplup. After she acquired a Rotom, she also decided to assist Professor Kukui. However, soon after coming to Alola, she got in an argument with Sun, who decided to join her after ruining her clothes.


  • Moon is the only core series female protagonist to not wear visible socks/stockings in any official pictures.
  • Unofficial names for Moon include "Ailey" and "Selene".
    • Additionally, the unofficial name "Selene" is derived from the Titan Goddess of Moon of Greek mythology.