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|type = fighting
|image = Masaomi's Throh 2.jpg
|info = This was the [[Pokémon]] that [[Montgomery]] used in the [[Clubsplosion]]. It battled Delbert's [[Mienshao]] in the first round, then went on to battle [[Iris' Excadrill]] and [[Ash's Scraggy]]. It was }}

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Masaomi 2
Gender: {{{gender}}}
Region: Unova
Class: Trainer/Tournament Champion
First Appearance: BW072

Montgomery is a former champion of the Donamite Tournament.


Pokémon Information
This was the Pokémon that Montgomery used in the Clubsplosion. It battled Delbert's Mienshao in the first round, then went on to battle Iris' Excadrill and Ash's Scraggy. It was

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