Mitsuhide is the leader of the Ice-type Kingdom of Nixtorm in Pokémon Conquest. Never letting his composure slip for a second, his overly senseless nature sometimes gets him into trouble. His loyalty to trusted friends, however, is unshakeable. His second in command is his daughter, Gracia.

Main Story

Mitsuhide first appears after the player conquers the first four kingdoms under Nobunaga's control. He commends the player for defeating the four warlords of those kingdoms before calling the player foolish. He insists that the player's current course of action will lead only to defeat, and then leaves. Oichi then comments about how Mitsuhide is one of Nobunaga's trusted aides.

Mitsuhide appears again once the player has linked with Arceus, as a part of Nobunaga's army atop Infinite Tower.

Special Story (Tragic Determination)

Mitsuhide grows tired of his Lord Nobunaga's insistence on waging countless battles for control of Ransei. He takes a stand and betrays him. Ranmaru then informs Nobunaga of Mitsuhide's betrayal, and Nobunaga gives Mitsuhide three years to defeat the entirety of his army, which includes the kingdoms from the main story, along with Illusio, Terrera, and Pugilis.


Image Pokémon Information
Mitsuhide PC 131
PC 144
Mitsuhide - A character paired with Articuno.


  • Rank 1: Crack Shot. All moves are guaranteed to hit.
  • Rank 2: Cold Eyes. Increases Speed and ensures all moves hit (for 3 turns).


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