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Mirage Tower

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Mirage Tower
げんえいのとう Phantom Tower
Information about Mirage Tower
Region: Hoenn
Connecting locations: Route 111
Weather: Normal
Kind: Tower
Needed HM: Unknown
Generation(s) available: Generation III

Mirage Tower (Japanese: げんえいのとう Phantom Tower) is a spooky tower that is only in Pokémon Emerald. It is on Route 111 and disappears and reappears at random times. The tower has 4 floors and the last one has fossils in it. You have to have a Mach Bike and HM06 (Rock Smash) to get to the final level of the tower.


Root Fossil Claw Fossil
Root Fossil Claw Fossil


Sprite Name Lvl.
Sandshrewsprite Sandshrew


Trapinchsprie Trapinch 20-23

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