This Espurr, nicknamed Mimi, is a psychic-type Pokémon owned by Emma.


Cassius' Gourgeist used Confuse Ray on one of Team Flare grunt's Espurr. Since the others dozed off, Emma befriended the Espurr.[1] Eventually, Emma nicknamed it as Mimi.[2] After returning to Cassius in Laverre City, Emma held onto Espurr. Cassius, however, asked of her to at least tell them where she was going, rather than say nothing to them.[3]

Emma followed X to Geosenge Town, while her Mimi was in Kanga's pouch. Emma noted how Mimi felt safe in the pouch. Just as the grunts started attacking, Emma lifted Mimi's ear, causing the grunts to be blown away by Mimi's psychic energy. Eventually, Emma and Mimi entered the Team Flare's headquarters, where they found a tall man.[4] Eventually, Trevor, Shauna, Tierno and Clemont met up with Emma and Mimi, who introduced AZ, the tall man they met and befriended.[5] Emma carried Mimi, as she was taken outside of the headquarters.[6]

Known moves

None of Espurr's moves are known.