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Mime Jr. Top is another minigame that uses more of the DS's touch screen capabilities. It features four Mime Jr. balancing on circus balls. The player character must try and keep their Mime Jr. on the ball using the stylus. The longer it stays on the ball, the more points the player receives. If a player's Mime Jr. stays on the ball the longest, that player wins the game. The smallest amount of two players can play, and a max is four players.

Using the DS's touchscreen, the player must balance on top of a giant circus ball by spinning the balls at different angles so Mime Jr. doesn't fall off. The touch screen will display the player's Mime Jr. and circus ball, while the top screen will display other players' Mime Jr. and circus balls. The circus balls will be colored differently to distinguish between players.

The longer the player stays on the circus ball the higher score the player will get. It is much like a combo system of multiplication. For every time the ball shines on the player, they will get 100 points and for the next time the player will get 200 points, then 600 points, and so on. The highest score a player can receive is 100,000 points.

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