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(マイル Mile)
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Hometown: Mistralton City
Region: Unova
Family: Skyla, (Grand-daughter)
Friends: Ash, Iris, Cilan
First Appearance: BW069
Voice actor: H. D. Quinn (English)

Miles (Japanese: マイル Mile) is Skyla's grandfather who debuted in "Cilan Takes Flight!." In "An Amazing Aerial Battle!," Skyla reviewed old videos of him during his days as a gym leader for tips on how to beat her opponents. He appeared again in "Climbing the Tower of Success!" as the master of ceremonies and judge in the Bell of Wishes Festival and was revealed to have a great fondness of the important female figures of Unova like Professor Juniper and Elesa because he finds them very attractive.


  • Miles is the second elderly character who left his granddaughter in charge of a Gym as the first was Mr. Moore.
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