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(ミキ Miki)
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Region: Johto
Friends: Ash, Misty, Brock
Class: Trainer
First Appearance: JE036: Hot Matches!
Voice actor: Lisa Ortiz (English)

Atsuko Enomoto (Japanese)

Miki (ミキ Miki) is a Pokémon Trainer who appeared in "Hot Matches!". Her Pokémon is a Skarmory and she is always eager to take on Fire-type trainers (e.g. Blaine, Flannery, and Chili). She managed to beat Brock's Vulpix easily. She almost had her Skarmory stolen by Team Rocket just as she was about to beat Ash's Cyndaquil. She has also
File:Miki Training Skarmory.jpg
revealed to train with her Skarmory which gives Ash the inspriation to train with his Cyndaquil. Eventually Ash and Cyndaquil managed to beat her and her Pokemon.


Pokémon Information
Skarmory is Miki's only known Pokémon, which she uses in her many battles against Fire-type Pokémon, exploiting a significant type weakness. Skarmory's Moves: Steel Wing, Swift, Fury Attack, Agility.

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